Hello everyone! My name is Johanna Mintz and I am so excited to welcome you to my blog, finelymintzed. I am originally from Chicago, but currently living in Washington, DC, attending law school.

While I enjoyed cooking throughout college, my love for cooking and crafting new recipes in the kitchen has sky-rocketed in my post-college life.

My favorite way to unwind is to head straight to the kitchen and start prepping dinner (or a post-dinner treat). My love for all thing paleo started in high school when my Mom and I thought we would try out a 10-day paleo plan. It was not exactly love at first bite 😉, as our bodies had to adjust to this new way of eating, but we decided to continue eating paleo after those 10 days and have since become utterly hooked!

There is no better feeling than fueling your body with real, whole, nutrient-dense foods. I feel the best when I eat paleo, but I also am strongly against deprivation and very much support a balanced, healthy way of life. So while most of the recipes you’ll see here are paleo, I also incorporate some non-paleo goods, and those who know me know that I will rarely say no to a good old-fashioned (non-paleo) treat.

I hope after taking a peek around finelymintzed you realize how fun and easy it is to make simple, delicious, and healthy meals (and desserts) and feel inspired to get cooking!